“We have been able to convert all of our meetings from Pipeline Upgrade so far!”

Based in London, Capital Content create video content, photography and manage social pages for small businesses and corporate organisations.

From concept to distribution, they build the strategy to deliver on your objectives produce the content and then post it out over social media. Simple.

Why did you choose Pipeline Upgrade?

Quite recently our Sales Director went on maternity leave and we wanted to reassess the way we did sales. We realised that the cost of a sales person isn't just the cost of the salary and the commision. There is the cost of the terminal, the sick leave, the pension. 

So we were looking at alternative options to create sales and what we had seen in the market place was there were a lot of telemarketing companies that charged for time or per phone call. However we didn't really see the value in that to generate sales. What we really needed was for someone to book us a meeting, because we found that we could convert most meetings when we were face to face with a client. We came across Pipeline Upgrade and they actually charged per meeting and one of the other benefits was that there are multiple people calling to generate our meetings not just one person.

The challenge?

We needed to meet with Marketing decision makers who were keen to consider new ways to grow sales through the use of video.

What was your highest moments? 

We have converted all of our meetings from Pipeline Upgrade so far, the packs they provide when booking a meeting are very informative and our communication with their team has been excellent.