"They are nice to work with and we profit from it"

New builds SL is an estate agent specialising in luxury properties across the Costa Del Sol in southern Spain.

Why did you choose Pipeline Upgrade?

After meeting the Founder of Pipeline Upgrade, Christian. I felt confident that they had the right experience and quality of team members to deliver the complex solution we needed to our "challenge".

The challenge?

We needed someone to handle and qualify the high lead volume of MQL’s from three individual property websites, which were previously creating a “bottle neck” when reaching our sales team.  (who should have been focusing their time on “closing deals”).

The high volume of MQL’s made it difficult for our team to prioritise the right leads, also meaning that there were MQL’s being paid for at a high Adword price, which were not being followed up within the right  “window of opportunity”.

What was your highest moments? 

Within the first month Pipeline Upgrade delivered 5x the quarterly investment thanks to a very well qualified SQL!