"Pipeline Upgrade's team were excellent in being able to adapt to our sector quickly"

At TurnBlock, they specialise in recruitment for the emerging technologies sector that is poised for growth. They recruit for tomorrow’s technology landscape, staying on the cutting edge of new trends and matching prospective candidates with exciting new job opportunities for employers across multiple industries and based in multiple geographies.

Why did you choose Pipeline Upgrade?

As a relatively new business, we needed to ensure that we maximised every penny we put into marketing activities. However, most of our experience in the past had led to costly inefficiencies when outsourcing lead generation as we were often charged for "call time" or "day rates". We were impressed by Pipeline Upgrades resources and results based commercial model and so decided to give them an opportunity to shine.  

The challenge?

Our market is a very competitive space and in order to succeed, we needed to engage with HR decision makers in SME's and Enterprise companies which are nautourslky difficult to reach due to the heavy saturation of calls they receive. 

What was your highest moments? 

Pipeline Upgrade's team were excellent in being able to adapt to our sector quickly and within the first week of going live, they had arranged for us a face to face meeting with a large Enterprise business which we are delighted to call our customer today! Thanks to the workshop they conducted ahead of the campaign, we now understand how to also position our value proposition through other channels a little differently to gain further returns on our investment.