How it works

We deliver qualified face-to-face meetings with real B2B decisions makers across all sectors. Our unique approach means you have no commercial risk and don’t waste time - 80% of our clients see ROI within 3 months


1. The key question

Use our simple, interactive calculator to work out exactly how much your new business meetings will cost. Just answer a few simple questions and we will give you a precise figure for each meeting.



Getting started

Once you know the cost of the new business meetings you need, your Pipeline Upgrade Account Manager will be in touch to discuss your preferred timeframes and you can purchase your meetings.



Realising value

Your Pipeline Upgrade Account Manager will host a 2-3 hour interactive workshop to detail your value proposition, refine your specific target audiences and confirm the most effective pitch for your requirements.


4. Tailoring the team

We will create a call script guide and email templates for your approval. We'll source the data and then shortlist and train the most appropriate call agency from our roster of accredited partners to successfully deliver your value proposition.


5. Priming your prospects

All scheduled meetings pass through our three-tier quality assurance process. Your Pipeline Upgrade Account Manager will confirm your criteria are fully met and that each prospect shares your expectations about the scheduled meeting before delivering your comprehensive Prospect Pack.


Ready to upgrade your pipeline?

Ambitious to grow your new business pipeline? Want risk free lead generation on your terms? Get started with our interactive calculator.



Are my leads being re-sold?

We will not re-sell any of your leads. Pipeline Upgrade aims to nurture long-term, mutually profitable relationships built on the basis of trust.


How many meetings do I need to buy to get started?

This depends entirely on your Cost Per Meeting but it only takes you two minutes to find out by answering a few simple questions to calculate your investment.


How long will it take from payment until I start receiving meetings?

While we can get meetings scheduled in days, our average “ramp up” period is 2-3 weeks for a tailored sector campaign.


What happens if you are unable to deliver my leads?

For every campaign we agree specific KPIs. If we reach the campaign deadline and there are meetings yet to be delivered, we will provide a full reimbursement for any shortfall.


What if I attend a meeting that does not meet the criteria?

Once you attend a meeting you have 24 hours to advise us of the reason in the unlikely event the meeting didn’t meet your criteria and we will replace the meeting free of charge.