Upgrade your recruitment

Finding the right people for your business can be a very costly and time consuming process.
We challange the status quo, by allowing you to recruit from our very own community of certified SDR experts who can hit the ground the running when joining your business.

Why it 

We know our candidates better.
Why? Because they actually work for us, meaning when we tell you about them we are not passing on second hand information or basing it on a 15 minute conversation or a CV.
We are basing it on actual performance and our day to day interactions with them. 

We are completely honest and open about our SDR's performance. We will share with you scorecards of their performance and their campaign experience, meaning you can make the right choice with all the information you need to know.

Making the final selection.
Making that final choice between two strong candidates can also be a daunting experience. We say, "put them to to test!", by purchasing a number of meetings for them to deliver before making your final decision


The average cost to a business to recruit and train a member of staff on as little as £8 an hour is £9,444. Whilst 1 in 5 members of staff leave a business within 3 months due to failing their probation, meaning that £9,444 spend has been for nothing not to mention the time wasted!

It takes a new member of a sales team on average 5 months to become productive and to start comfortably hitting targets. This means a spend of £6,000 for an employee on £8 an hour, when our SDR's can make a positive impact to your sales from day one!


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