Upskill your team

Does your team need a fresh approach?

A strong sales pitch is essential for success in business, it allows you to stand out and can lead to further opportunities. Make sure to deliver your message effectively and efficiently.
Whether you are launching a new product, traning a new staff member or simply need a refreshingly new approach, our team of experts that book appointments daily will train you on the perfect outreach strategy.


The average cold call lasts 8 minutes, with the decision maker speaking for 3 minutes. That means you have 5 minutes to clearly convey your value proposition and qualify the opportunity. Our business generates over 100 new business meetings per week via the telephone for our clients, making us experts to help train your team.

What was once a very good way to generate new business opportunities has become very saturated since the Covid Lockdown, however, there is still hope! Our team of SDRs has perfected the most effective messaging and sequences to gain traction from this method. 

Since the introduction of GDPR, many businesses have struggled to find the confidence to prospect via email in a compliant and effective way. Thanks to our vast experience in this area we are able to help train your team on the most beneficial way to use this communication method to achieve your desired results.


Did you know? 
Labor costs are typically the largest expense for a business, accounting for an average of 70% of all expenses. Therefore increasing staff memeber efficiency should be your #1 goal to gain a ROI from your largest investment. 

Did you know? 
The average SDR salary in the UK is £31,000 per year and it takes about 4 months to become productive. The average SDR tenure is also only 14 months, meaning you have on average 10 months to get the best from them.


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